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Out & About - Roller Derby

Out & About is an occasional series of stories that highlight the best Charlotte has to offer in arts and culture, shopping and dining, entertainment and sports.

There are at least two roller derby groups in the Charlotte area, and both totally mean business.

Forget about your roller rink experience as a kid, doing the hokey pokey under a disco ball. These hardcore athletes have turned skating into a contact sport.

The Charlotte Speed Demons and the Charlotte Roller Girls both show an incredible amount of athleticism and spunk as they zip around the track. Bouts are fun to watch, with a laid back atmosphere and diverse crowd. The teams skate in different locations that are within a 20 minute drive of campus.

The Charlotte Roller Girls is an athletically focused organization established in 2006 to promote the sport of roller derby and enrich the Charlotte community by giving back to charitable causes. This year they became members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

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