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Belk Chapel Addition

Belk Chapel

Proposed improvements to Belk Chapel

Belk Chapel has been a special place on the Queens campus since it was built in 1950. It is used for weekly campus religious services and meetings, and is an extremely popular venue for wedding ceremonies. This example of Greek Revival architecture is equipped with a 39-rank organ and seats 500.

Hundreds of weddings have been performed in the chapel, and a proposed addition will provide a new façade along Radcliffe Avenue. The new portico would be identical to the existing one in design. The addition would provide much needed functionality to the chapel by adding a small reception room, men's and women's public restrooms, classroom and a meditation/bride's room.

On the north side of the chapel there will be a courtyard between Belk Chapel and the Rogers Science and Health Building to form a gateway into the main campus from the Harris Welcome Center.

Improvement Details


New Reception Room, Classroom, Meditation Room

New Portico, New Courtyard

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