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History of the Motto

The motto "non ministrari sed ministrare," or "not to be served, but to serve," is not just a saying at Queens, but a way of life for students, faculty, and staff. Giving to others is one of the core principles that are taught at Queens. Queens University of Charlotte adopted the motto in 1930 from the seal of Chicora College for Women when the school merged with Queens. Non ministrari sed ministrare replaced the original Queens College motto of "nisi dominus frustra" which translates as 'without the Lord, everything is in vain.' Non ministrati sed ministrare motto is displayed to this day on Queens' current seal.

Students now do many different forms of service. In the 2011-12 academic year, students, faculty, and staff were challenged to do over 75,000 hours of community service. The Queens community exceeded this goal and completed 80,353 service hours.

Whether it is in the in class where students do service projects in the Charlotte community, or through various clubs and organizations and Greek life, or on international mission trips, the students of Queens are changing the world around them.



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