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Fight Like A Diva

Queens is often time considered to be more of a family than a school. 

This has become evident when an unexpected blow struck one of Queens' students.  Lauren Carter, a senior, was diagnosed last month with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  As soon as the Queens community found out they sprang into action to show love and support for Lauren. 

Now walk around campus and you'll see "Fight for Lauren" t-shirts, "we love Lauren" buttons, and lots of purple ribbons.  You can also see her slogan "Fighting like a Diva" on shirts and wristbands. 

Student, Professors, and Faculty have admired Lauren's courage through this time. 

Cheer coach, Patrick Motter says, "Lauren Carter has been an asset to the Queens University of Charlotte Royals Cheerleading squad from day one.  As a coach, it is hard to watch any of your student-athletes go through such a hard time. However, it brings some relief to see how all of the girls came together to support Lauren. This was a true testament to the incredible bond this team has with one another. Since Lauren's diagnosis, the team has rallied behind her in every way possible."

From selling t-shirts to participating in awareness walks, these girls will stick by Lauren every step of the way. Lauren has been a fighter since her diagnosis and is appreciative with the way that the Queens family has rallied around her. 

Lauren says, "The Queens Community has been so generous and outpouring with all of their love and support. I couldn't ask to be at a better university when going through a hardship like this. When I see everyone with their buttons, Fight Like a Diva t-shirts on and purple ribbons, it proves that Queens is more than a university but a close knit community that really cares for one another. I am so blessed to have the amount of support I do."

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