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Helping to Increase Literacy

This year the Women's Lacrosse team has teamed up to help make a big change at Sedgefield Elementary.  They have taken on the very extensive and daunting task of re organizing the entire library at Sedgefield. You can walk into Sedgefield every Tuesday from 1-6pm and find the Lacrosse team hard at work shelving, scanning and labeling books. Their dedication and work ethic has been outstanding! 

The task that they are doing is locating and labeling all of the Accelerated Reader (AR) books in the library. The children at Sedgefield will often not take AR tests because the books are not labeled. By locating and labeling all of these books in the library it will give the Sedgefield students several hundred more AR tests to take. This is ultimately helping Sedgefield to increase their literacy rate.

The Queens Women's Lacrosse team is truly exemplifying our motto "Not to be served but to serve". Queens and Sedgefield would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication!
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