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Operation Sandwich

William Yates, class of 2014, has been an active member in the Queens' chapel since he was a freshman. 

He still is involved and is a leader in the Chapel's Operation sandwich.  This program is run through Urban Ministry Center.  Urban Ministries reaches out to all sorts of schools, universities and other groups in the community to try and make between 400-800 sandwiches that will be served as lunch the following day. At queens the Chapel sets aside time on one Thursday a month to give students the opportunity to help make sandwiches.  All of the sandwiches made at queens go to St. Peter's Soup Kitchen.

Yates finds great joy in what he does for the chapel.

"For me, this program is about so much more than just putting meat and cheese between slices of bread. This meal is going to serve my brother and my sister. Though I cannot directly see him/her, I am compelled to care for my neighbor in whatever ways I can (no matter how small), as I pray others will care for me in similar ways. It is my kin who I putting this bread and meal together for--and in his/her face, I see the face of the Christ I yearn to serve beaming back at me. Feeding others, feeding the One I love. This is what it's about for me. Trying to learn what it means to care; what it means to give; and, in the process, to learn what it means to be just another stupid human lookin' to help be my brother and my sister's keeper." 

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