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Faculty Programs


Queens University of Charlotte is an equal opportunity employer and is firmly committed to supporting and celebrating all forms of diversity. We value a sense of caring and community.

Affinity groups are voluntary associations of people who have common interests. Affinity groups can also enhance feelings of connectedness and provide opportunities for employees to seek and offer support to one another. Organizations, including those in higher education have used affinity groups to build community, improve recruitment and retain diverse talent.

The Multicultural Affinity Group (MAG) at Queens is open to all Queens University of Charlotte faculty & staff for the purpose of supporting diverse/multicultural faculty & staff.

Some purposes of MAG are to:

  • Support diversity & inclusiveness at Queens
  • Enhance the work environment for all employees
  • Strengthen the University community
  • Support personal and professional development

Activities include social & cultural events, mentoring, personal and professional development.

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