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Strategic Diversity Plan

Download 2012 Strategic Diversity Plan >>

Queens University of Charlotte is committed to developing and fostering an inclusive, diverse and equitable climate for students, faculty, staff and community partners that provides access to its learning community. Through a series of intentional activities, practices and policies, the University will support its institutional values to create an IDEAL Community. 

Integrity and Respect: We value a sense of caring and community, seek to promote diversity and respect for all people, and recognize the importance of personal integrity and ethical action.

Stewardship: We value and are committed to those who learn and work at Queens, and we are proud of our university. We will responsibly manage our heritage, our resources and our reputation in the community to ensure that we remain a source of pride for our students, faculty, staff, donors and alumni.

Focus on Students: We value the factors which foster student success:  an intimate learning environment, excellence in teaching, intellectual curiosity, and an education grounded in the liberal arts tradition, one which develops critical thinking, creativity, communication, commitment to ethical behavior, responsible citizenship and which serves as a foundation for successful and fulfilling lives.

Creativity and Innovation: We value creative and innovative thinking and acting, both in the classroom and in advancing Queens toward its vision as a leading comprehensive university and a community asset.

Why This Matters

In the interest of each University stakeholder, including students, faculty, staff, administration, support groups and community partners, cultivating a culture and climate that is diverse, welcoming and inclusive allows Queens to: 1) Attract, retain, and graduate a diverse student body prepared for careers in a global society by developing skill sets that enable them to value diverse perspectives, solve problems and communicate with the world, and 2) Provide a culture where all faculty and staff are valued, respected, empowered, compensated equitably and share in governance, as well as have freedom to express divergent points of view, teach or support a relevant, evolving curriculum to motivated students with different outlooks that create an energetic learning environment highly admired by community partners.

Areas of Focus

In order to commit to the strategic priorities, the Council for IDEAL communities has identified the following areas of foci that will assist the University in moving this plan forward.

  1. Culture and Climate
  2. Student Transformation
  3. Faculty, Staff, Senior Leadership and Board of Trustee Diversity
  4. Curriculum (to be addressed in Phase II of strategic plan in collaboration with our faculty colleagues)
  5. Community Partnerships (to be addressed in Phase II of strategic plan)

Download 2012 Strategic Diversity Plan >>

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