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Student satisfaction continues to rise at Queens

More than 85 percent of Queens students said the university has met or exceeded their expectations on the recent national Student Satisfaction Inventory.

The national survey measures students' opinions about their college experience, from academic advising and campus climate to course registration and instructional effectiveness.

More than 435 traditional undergraduate students chose to participate in the 2011 survey.  They ranked Queens higher than students from a group of competitive schools on 73 of 79 questions, indicating that they are significantly pleased with their experience here.

"We work very hard to provide the best experience possible for our students - both inside and outside the classroom.  But we know our work is never done and directly asking our students what is most important to them as well as where can we do better is critical to our mission of providing transformational experiences for our students," said Dr. Brian Ralph, vice president for enrollment management, adding that the university uses data from the survey to look for areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Each year, staff and faculty work together to pore over the results and respond to areas that need attention to make improvements.

On the most recent survey Queens scored highest on questions that measured whether they felt their tuition was a worthwhile investment, instructional effectiveness,  campus safety, the university's focus on students and on individuals the quality of health and counseling services and their comfort in our residence halls.  Queens also ranked highly on questions about school spirit and campus services including the Health Center and Careers and Internship Center.




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