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Do family and friends need tickets?
Tickets are not required for any Commencement ceremony unless severe inclement weather does not permit an outdoor ceremony. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held indoors at the Levine Center for Wellness and Recreation.  

Rain tickets will be issued to each graduate at rehearsal. The number of rain tickets given to each student is based on the total number of graduates who will be participating in the ceremony. Since this exact number will not be known until the week of Commencement, we cannot guarantee how many tickets each student will receive. Ample overflow seating with a closed circuit monitor will available on campus for all others who do not have a rain ticket.

Will I receive my diploma during the Commencement ceremony?
Please refer to the Registrar's page.

Will academic honors be noted on my diploma?
Please refer to the Registrar's page.

Are my major and concentration/minor listed on my diploma?
Please refer to the Registrar's page.

How will my name appear on the diploma?
Please refer to the Registrar's page.

How and when will I receive my diploma if I do not attend the ceremony?
On your Application for Graduation form, you selected whether to pick up your diploma the week following the ceremony or to have it mailed to you at an address listed on the form. If you do not attend the ceremony and no preference was listed on your form, your diploma will be mailed to the address the University has on file for you.

What if I need special accommodations in order to participate in the ceremony?

Accommodations such as assistance with mobility or written materials in an alternative format are definitely available. Please contact Karen Franklin, Director of Student Disability Services, at 704-337-2508 or before May 1 if you require accommodations.

Where can I park?
All campus parking lots will be available for Commencement. View all lots on the commencement parking map.

Is there parking and/or seating for guests with special needs?
Parking is available in all campus lots. A drop-off point for guests with mobility impairments will be located in the Evans Clock Tower lot off of Radcliffe Avenue. A limited number of parking spaces will be available there for cars with state-issued handicapped parking placards. Additional handicapped spaces are available in all other campus parking lots.

Guests with Special Needs
Graduates who need accommodations for ceremony participation should contact Karen Franklin, Director of Student Disability Services, at 704-337-2508 or before May 1.

An interpreter will be available at all ceremonies, and seats will be reserved in close proximity for guests who are hearing impaired.

Reserved seats for guests with mobility impairments will also be available. Please refer to the venue map for specific locations.

Why do we have rehearsals?
Rehearsals are required so that you are familiar with all ceremony procedures. You will also receive important information and instructions at the rehearsal that will be necessary for the ceremony. Rain tickets will also be issued at the rehearsal.

Can children come to the services?
Yes, children are welcome to come to any and all of the ceremonies. Please be considerate of other guests and remove children who become loud or disruptive.

Can I take my own photographs and video?
Yes, but please be respectful of all other family and friends. For safety reasons, no photography is allowed in the center aisles.

Will class photos be taken?
Yes. Please refer to the schedule of events for your time and location.

When can I pick up my cap and gown?
Caps and gowns may be ordered online at the Herff Jones website before March 18, and will be available for pick-up at the Queens Student Bookstore beginning April 18. 

What should I wear?
Women should wear a dress, skirt or nice slacks and men should wear dark dress pants. Dark shoes are appropriate. No large earrings, decorated caps, or other "accessories" are accepted. You can be pulled out of line if you are not dressed appropriately.  

Will the Dining Hall be open the day of Graduation?
Yes, for breakfast only.

Will the bookstore be open the day of Graduation?

How long does the service last?
The ceremony will last approximately two hours.

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