Program Categories

Queens offers programming in the below categories. Please select a category to explore the opportunities available.


We live in a digital world. Come explore different methods of communication with us. Queens has continuing education opportunities on the topic of communication. Read More

Estate & Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is important and as we reach a certain age, the reality of planning for this time in our lives can be overwhelming. Make sure you have a plan and are well-informed on the steps you should take so that you can be prepared to enjoy life post-career. Read More

Human Resources

Employees are assets to a company and their value is enhanced by development. Queens offers programming that provides innovative strategies on how to retain top talent, solutions to workplace and workforce issues companies are facing and forums to discuss relevant HR topics. Read More

Test Preparation

If you are interested in applying to graduate school, come discover the best strategies for taking the GRE or GMAT tests in our comprehensive preparation classes. Read More


Queens offers a variety of writing workshops, taught by experts in this area of study. From poetry and memoir writing, to creative writing and magazine writing, we have a course for you. We also provide venues to hear from experienced and accomplished writers and to have your manuscript reviewed by experts in the field. Read More

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