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Dean's Welcome

Emily Richardson, DeanEmily Richardson, Dean

A Passion Found!

Everyone needs to find their passion in their work. In my case it is all about adult students.  Why? Let me offer you four thoughts.

First, adult students are very special. Each individual has their own narrative, background, history and motivation as to why they are in school. They need a special place to learn, with flexibility and convenience.

Next, adult students need to have the opportunity to move in and out of education, as "life happens." Anyone who expects them to have a speedy straight line from start to finish has never dealt with adult students.

In addition, adult students want to learn - but more importantly they want to utilize their own experiences as a basis for their learning. They have experience - very different ones from the traditional college students - and they want to bring that background into the classroom.

Finally, adult students are not just students. They are also parents, spouses, children, peers and employees. Most of all, they are individuals with rich histories and narratives that need to be honored in the classroom.

You are unique - and that is exactly what draws all of us in the Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies to our work.  We enjoy helping you figure out your passion by gaining an education, learning new things and finding your inner motivation to balance work, home and school.  We hope that we will see you at our graduation in the future!  

Emily C. Richardson
Dean, Hayworth School of Graduate and Continuing Studies

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