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Requirements & Eligibility

Queens Traditional Undergrad (TUG) students must complete 2 internship courses (INTE 498 and INTE 499, both 2 credit, pass/fail online courses) to fulfill the internship graduation requirement.  Music Therapy, Nursing Majors, Education Majors and transfer students with 36+ hours are EXEMPT from this graduation requirement (unless required by major or minor).

Successful completion of INTE 498 and INTE 499 include the following requirements:

  • Pre-requisite course INTE 297 (taken preferably in Fall or Spring semester of sophomore year).
  • Approved Internship Contract submitted by the student and approved by Internship & Career Program's Internship Manager prior to starting the internship (international students require additional approval).  This contract is a collaborative effort between student and employer that clearly identifies Learning Objectives, hours, start and end dates and terms: 
  • Completion of a minimum of 86 work hours per course and time sheet documentation.
  • Satisfactory completion of all MyCourses assignments.
  • INTE 498 final written paper.
  • INTE 499 final PowerPoint presented to staff and faculty.      

Requirements Summary





Blair College of Health-TUG Yes- INTE 498 and 499 Transfer students with 36+ credits INTE 297
Cato School of Education-TUG No N/A N/A
College of Arts & Sciences- TUG Yes- INTE 498 and 499 Transfer students with 36+ credits, Music Therapy INTE 297
Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Yes*-INTE 496 N/A None
Knight School of Communication-TUG Yes- INTE 498 and 499 Transfer students with 36+ credits INTE 297
McColl School of Business-TUG Yes- INTE 498 and 499 Transfer students with 36+ credits INTE 297
Presbyterian School of Nursing-TUG No N/A N/A

 *The following Hayworth majors are required to take INTE 496: Allied Health, Exercise and Sports Science, Human Services Studies, Interdisciplinary Health Services, Sport Management.  Required credit hours differ by major.

International Student Eligibility

International students attending Queens on a student visa must obtain Curricular Practical Training approval from the Center for International Education, Internship & Career Programs, and their academic advisor before they can begin any off-campus internship.  Students must submit an additional form (available on the CIE section of MyQueens) and offer letter on company letter head to the Center for International Education for approval. Students should consult with the Center for International Education prior to filling out an Internship Contract. There are visa regulations that might limit the intern site and the number of hours they are able to work. Internships for international students must always be in the student's field of study in order to comply with US government regulations and must be taken for academic credit. International students may not begin any work off-campus until they have submitted all required documentation and been granted written authorization by the Center for International Education.

Students are encouraged to visit the Center for International Education for assistance.

Queens Internship Program information is subject to change without notice.

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