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Program Details

The Mission of The Washington Center is closely connected to the Mission of Queens University of Charlotte:  "The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars provides students with transformational experiences that foster academic and professional achievement, leadership and civic engagement."  Students will have the opportunity to strengthen leadership skills and participate in seminars offered by expert faculty in a variety of fields while living in the DC area. The professional connections that a student will make in Washington DC can be invaluable to a future career, and the personal connections will be life-long.

The Washington Center-Queens Program Cost

Generally, the cost of attending the program in Washington DC and taking part in the academic seminars during the fall and spring semesters is covered by your Queens tuition and room and board fees if you are a full-time residential student.  You will be charged for comprehensive tuition, a corridor-style residence hall room, and a 19 meal plan in Fall or Spring and pay your balance to Queens.  The Washington Center may require deposits for program participation and housing, fees that are to be paid directly to The Washington Center by the student.  A stipend for meals while in DC will be provided (some exceptions may apply).  Part-time students may apply to the program but will be charged in the manner described above during the term of enrollment (Fall or Spring) at the Washington Center. Since the academic credit will be awarded by Queens, student financial aid can be applied for those with full-time status, but please be aware that most students do not have aid eligibility for summer.  During the summer term, students will pay for 12 hours of credit at the prevailing undergraduate credit hour rate and for the corridor-style residence hall room and 19 meal plan.  Students will live in apartments covered by the room charge, but personal expenses such as food and attending events are the student's responsibility. The Washington Center recommends that students plan to spend $150-$175 per week on living expenses, although of course personal spending habits vary.  You will not need a car in DC; parking is expensive and difficult in the city, and DC public transportation is excellent.  Please note that some exceptions may apply to overall program costs.  If the cost of attending the program exceeds Queens costs, the student will be responsible for paying the difference.  It is recommended that each participating student speak with Angela Tsuei-Strause, Director of Internship & Career Programs for details.


The Washington Center provides housing in two locations:  Near Capitol Hill and in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Housing is apartment style:  students share apartments with other interns and each apartment is equipped with a kitchen, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi access.  Apartments are located in safe areas close to Metro stations and have 24 hour security and/or a reception front desk.

Academic Credit

For the internship portion of the experience, you can earn up to 9 internship credits (INTE) at Queens upon approval by the Internship & Career Programs office.  You will also participate in an academic seminar that can be approved by the relevant Queens department chair and dean for 3 credits, and additional credits (up to 6) can be earned in the required Leadership Seminar and in other seminars.  Transfer credit must be approved by Queens before attending The Washington Center-Queens Program.  After completion of the internship and seminars, you will submit a Transfer Credit Approval Form with all required signatures to the Registrar, and the courses will be posted to your transcript.  Grades are recommended by The Washington Center faculty but the final grade will be awarded by the Queens department chair or Queens Instructor of Record.  Grades are generally letter grades but can be P/F if approved as such.

These are academic courses subject to Queens policies just as if you were taking them at Queens.  The courses may or may not fulfill requirements in your major, depending upon approval in the department.  Plan carefully.

Internship Selection Process 

Your application will ask you for your Washington Center area of interest.  The Washington Center will schedule interviews with several internship locations that match your skills, major, and career plans.  After telephone interviews, you will be offered one or more internship opportunities, and you select the internship that excites you the most. 

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