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How do I get the software?
As the program is just getting started, delivery is limited to sending a hard copy DVD through the mail.  In the future, we hope to allow direct download of the software through an ftp site or similar.

Are data available to use with ArcGIS?
Yes!  There are several online sources of information available to you.  One especially rich site is the Geospatial Portal at NC One Map (  By fall 2012, a DVD including useful data for K-12 instruction will also be created.

Is there technical support available?
Directions for how to install ArcGIS will be shipped with the software DVDs.  Over time, a peer technical support network will be created to help answer basic questions (installation, maintenance, etc.) of K-12 instructors.  Full technical support is available through a contract with Esri. 

Are there limits to how I can use the software?
Yes!  The software is only licensed for educational and administrative uses.  It may not be used in any commercial enterprise.