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Hunter-Hamilton Nomination Information

Is there a professor at Queens whose care and enthusiasm has molded and perhaps has even changed your life?  The Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Award seeks to honor that professor.

Nominations are now being accepted for 2015.

Half of the monetary award will go directly to the individual and half to an academic program or department of the recipient's choosing. Past winners include Ms. Ruth Stephenson (2014), Dr. Kent Rhodes (2013), Dr. Cherie Clark (2012),  Dr. Roger McGrath (2011), Professor Jane Hadley (2010), Professor Richard Crown (2009), and Professor Phyllis Pharr (2008).  The 2015 winner will be announced at the Commencement in May.

 The following members of Queens' faculty are eligible for the 2015 Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Award:  

Dr. Dimitra Acheson, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Christine Allegretti, Professor of Psychology
Ms. Catherine Anderson, Billy O. Wireman Professor of Business Administration
Ms. Chrystle Baker, Instructor of Kinesiology
Dr. Janie Best, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Harry Bowen, W.R. Holland Chair of International Business and Finance and Professor of International Business and Economics
Dr. Jessica Braswell, Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Dr. Bradley Brooks, Professor of Marketing
Dr. Timothy Burson, Professor of Economics
Dr. Grace Buttriss, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ms. Deborah Campbell, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Siulolovao Challons-Lipton, Associate Professor of Art
Dr. Suzanne Cooper Guasco, Robert Haywood Morrison Professor of History and Associate Professor of History
Dr. Steven Cox, Professor of Marketing
Mr. W. Morris Creech, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Carrie DeJaco, Associate Professor of Biology
Ms. Karen Dunn, Assistant Professor of Communication
Ms. Catherine Eason, Senior Instructor of Business Administration
Dr. Jennifer Easterwood, Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Mohammed el-Nawawy, Knight-Crane Chair in Communication and Associate Professor of Communication
Dr. Rebecca Engen, Professor of Music
Dr. Robert Finley, Charles A. Dana Professor of Finance
Mr. James Foster, Professor of Business Law
Dr. J. Norris Frederick, James A. Jones Chair in Philosophy and Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Lucia Galleno, Associate Professor of Spanish
Dr. Richard Goode, Carolyn G. and Sam H. McMahon, Jr. Professor of English
Dr. Nilofar Halsted, Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr. Melinda Harper, Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr. Suzanne Henderson, Associate Professor of Religion
Dr. Jesus Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Annette Hines, Associate Professor of Nursing
Dr. Suzanne Horn, Associate Professor of Education
Ms. Jayne Johnson, Professor of Art
Dr. Nancy Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychology
Ms. Joanna Katsanos, Instructor of Biology
Dr. Mark Kelso, Professor of Political Science
Dr. Michael Kobre, Charles A. Dana Professor of English

Dr. Patricia Koplas, Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Eric Lien, Professor of French
Dr. John McArthur III, Associate Professor of Communication
Ms. Andrea McCrary, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Dorothy McGavran, Professor of English
Ms. Janice McRorie, Instructor of Nursing
Dr. Debra Miles, Associate Professor of Nursing
Ms. Elaine Miller, Assistant Professor of Music
Ms. Teresa Moorman, Instructor of Nursing
Dr. Diane Mowrey, Mrs. John R. Irwin Chair of Bible and Professor of Religion
Dr. Eric Mullis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Daina Nathaniel, Associate Professor of Communication
Dr. Karen Neal, Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr. Paul Nitsch, Carolyn G. McMahon Professor of Music
Ms. Teneal Pardue, Instructor of Mathematics
Dr. Reed Perkins, Sam & Carolyn McMahon Professor of Environmental Science
Dr. Tracy Petleski, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Patrice Petroff, Associate Professor of Education
Ms. Phyllis Pharr, Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Dr. Greg Pillar, William S. Lee Professor and Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Chemistry
Dr. Gary Powell, Professor of Finance
Dr. Leanne Pupchek, Professor of Communication
Mr. S. Craig Renfroe, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. John Repede, Professor of Quantitative Methods
Ms. Constance Rhyne-Bray, Assistant Professor of Music
Dr. Laree Schoolmeesters, Associate Professor of Nursing
Dr. Emily Seelbinder, Professor of English
Dr. Michele Shaul, Professor of Spanish
Dr. William Sparks, Thompson Chair of Leadership Studies and Professor of Business and Behavioral Science
Dr. Michael Tarabek, Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Amy Thornburg, Associate Professor of Education
Dr. W. Andrew Tucker, Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Kimberly Weller, Assistant Professor of Communication
Dr. Robert Whalen, Carolyn G. and Sam H. McMahon, Jr. Professor of History
Dr. Jeremiah Wills, Associate Professor of Sociology
Mr. Michael Wirth, Associate Professor of Art
Dr. Leina Wu, Associate Professor of Mathematics



The criteria for the award are as follows.

To be eligible for the Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Award, a nominee must:

  • Be a full-time member having taught at Queens University of Charlotte for at least five years, including any sabbatical leave;
  • Be capable of communicating to students the sheer joy, wonder and awe of learning;
  • Have established a record of contagious enthusiasm for classroom teaching and tutelage;
  • Be dedicated and patient with students, with service to them being of highest priority;
  • Have the ability to stimulate extraordinary accomplishments in students including those with average abilities as well as those with exceptional capabilities;
  • Be able to build self-esteem, self-reliance and instill in students a desire to learn;
  • Have an ability to clarify complex matters for students; and
  • Treat students with dignity and respect as impressionable persons with individual hopes, fears, pains and histories - making every effort to know them by name.

To Nominate

Deadline: All nominations must be received no later than March 1.

Criteria: Please see above for the names of faculty eligible for this year's award and the criteria for the award.  Those most persuasive letters describe how the nominee embodies the criteria for the award, and will give examples of how this faculty member touched your life.

There are two ways to submit your nomination:

  1. You may send a detailed letter of recommendation to:
    Hunter-Hamilton Search Committee
    Academic Affairs Office
    Queens University of Charlotte
    1900 Selwyn Avenue
    Charlotte, NC 28274
  2. You may submit your letter by email as an attachment to

Your letter of nomination must include your name, contact information, and your class year if you are an alumnus or current student.

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