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Amy Knab , Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor , Kinesiology Department
  • Blair College of Health

I have a broad background in both biology and exercise science.  My research background includes both athlete and community trials investigating the use of nutritional interventions in decreasing exercise/obesity-induced inflammation, oxidative stress, and immune dysfunction.  I am also interested in the effects of nutrition and physical activity on cognition and mood, as well as the biological regulating factors of motivation for physical activity.  I look forward to continuing this line of research with the students and student-athletes at Queen's University in the brand new Exercise Science Laboratory in the Levine Center.

I am currently teaching four courses:  1.  Introduction to Kinesiology--a course which provides students a background in the history of this field, as well as a conceptual framework for how this field has evolved and will continue to change.  We also highlight the many career paths that are available with a degree in Kinesiology.  2.  Exercise And Sport Physiology--a course examining the application of principles of physiology to the study of aging, obesity, exercise, skeletal muscle, cardiovascular systems, metabolic systems, training, environment, and performance.  3.  Nutrition for Exercise and Sport--a course which provides students an understanding of how to enhance exercise and sport performance with proper nutrition through examining principles of nutritionally sound diets.  4.  Fitness Training Principles and Applications--this laboratory based course prepares students for application of  exercise testing, and exercise prescription for both healthy and diseased populations.


  • Ph.D.  - Interdisciplinary Biology; University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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