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Caring and Peace

Dr. Gayle CasterlineDr. Gayle Casterline (right) at International Hiroshima Conference on Caring and Peace

At the end of March 2012, Dr. Gayle Casterline, associate professor in the Blair College of Health, Presbyterian School of Nursing, was invited to present her work on caring science at the First Asian Pacific International Caritas Consortium (APICC), held in Hiroshima Japan. She also had two abstracts accepted for presentation at the International Hiroshima Conference on Caring and Peace, sponsored by the Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing and the Watson Caring Science Institute in Boulder CO.

At the APICC, Dr. Casterline presented her work on using caring science in an academic setting to a room full of Japanese nursing faculty and nursing students. Translators were provided for the presentation. The president of the college, Dr. Inaoka, made a presentation on how caring science is congruent with values of the Japanese culture. Nurses from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, discussed the use of caring science in patient care in Wuhan, China. There was also a signing ceremony for Jean Watson's International Charter for Human Caring and Peace. Conference attendees toured the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and toured the sacred Miyajima Island.   

Over 600 nurses from all over the world attended the Conference on Caring and Peace. Dr. Jean Watson and Dr. Barbara Dossey were keynote speakers at the 3 day event. There were formal presentations, experiential presentations, tea ceremonies, art galleries, and poster sessions. Dr. Casterline presented her work on Multiple Ways of Knowing that Inform Caritas Nursing Practices and also a poster entitled, Caring with Courage: Improving Nursing Education through Watson's Caring Science and the work of Parker Palmer.

"This was one of the most amazing professional opportunities I have ever had," said Dr. Casterline. "The conference had been scheduled for June of 2011, but was cancelled after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. I was so disappointed but even more afraid for the lives of all the conference planners that I had the privilege to work with leading up to the tragedy. The Japanese people are loving and resilient. I was overjoyed that the conference was rescheduled."  Dr. Casterline travelled to Kyoto, Nara, and Tokyo following the conference. "I used the rail system in the cities and the bullet train between cities. It was scary not to be able to speak the language, but everyone was helpful. I recommend that you visit this beautiful country."

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