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Complete Career Change

Lara Cassidy '10 moved to North Carolina from the West Coast and realized she was ready for a career change.  "I had a career in sales and marketing and really enjoyed it, but just kept feeling like I wanted to do something more.  I really wanted a challenge.  I wanted to do something that was difficult.  I had always thought about doing something in the medical field.  It was in the back of my head."

Lara had her bachelor's degree in another field, so she decided to pursue her associate's degree in nursing and got a job at Carolinas Medical Center.   "I noticed that if you want to progress in a nursing career you really need to have your master's," she says.  That's when Lara found the Master of Science in Nursing program at Queens. 

"As soon as I started, I knew it was the right thing to do. My Queens education has opened doors for me.  Not only did our professors give us the information and resources to expand our knowledge base, they also challenged us as people and as leaders to really take an introspective look.  That is something I didn't expect and has been so valuable."

That value has been tangible.  Lara recently received a promotion in the quality division of Carolinas HealthCare System.  "I've really been able to combine both backgrounds in my current position - business and nursing.  I know you hear it a lot, but I got into nursing because I sincerely want to help people.   I want to make a visible, tangible difference in people's lives.   That's what I am doing."

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