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BA in Human Services Studies

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The National Organization for Human Services defines Human Services as a field which seeks to meet "human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations. The Human Services profession is one which promotes improved service delivery systems by addressing not only the quality of direct services, but also by seeking to improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and agencies in service delivery." Students study the social systems and conditions which affect the need for services, and gain skills in working both directly with individuals and groups, as well as advocating for policy change and social justice.  

Each Student enrolled in the Human Service Studies major at Queens is also required to participate in professional internships and complete a Capstone Project with a Human Services Agency in the Charlotte community. This essential component of the major will enable students to make strong connections between theory and practice as well as study and work.   


A major in Human Service Studies provides the basis for graduate study in the areas of social work, counseling, school guidance, family therapy and other service related fields. Students with bachelor's level degrees in Human Service Studies are prepared for professional and paraprofessional careers providing direct social services to clients and advocacy for clients in the areas of basic needs services, mental and physical health and applied research.


Core: (28 hours)

HSS 101 Introduction to Human Service Studies                 
HSS 301 Writing for Human Service
HSS 318 Working with Individuals in Need                           
HSS 322 Generalist Case Management                                           
HSS 342 Ethical Issues in Human Service Studies              
HSS306 Research Methods or SOCI 307 Research Methods*
HSS306L Research Methods Lab or SOCI 307L Research Methods Lab*
HSS 338 Cross-Cultural Issues in Human Service Studies                                                  
HSS 400 Senior Seminar in Human Service Studies                       
MATH 106 Introductory Statistics     
INTE 496 Professional Internship (3 Hrs, Hayworth students only)
      * PSYC 306 and 306L may be substituted for HSS 306 and 306L with permission of advisor.

Choose four additional HSS courses (12 hours)

HSS 330 Leading Psychoeducational Groups
HSS 345 Play Therapy
HSS 351 Parenting in Contemporary Society
HSS 352 Special Topics in Human Service Studies**
HSS 370 Program Evaluations and Outcome Measures     
HSS 380 Administration of Non-Profit Agencies                                          
HSS/PSYC 390 Forgiveness: Theory, Research and Practice                                                        
SOCI 250 Social Issues and Problems                                             
PSYC 320 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 304 Abnormal Psychology***                                                             
        **May be repeated with approval of advisor
        *** For students in the Hayworth College Program, these courses will fulfill General Education foundation requirements in Area IV: Social and Behavioral Sciences.

General Education Requirements

Traditional Undergraduate Program, and the Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program. Prospective students should apply to the program whose curriculum and services best meets their needs.

  • The Traditional Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the 18-22 year old student. Most traditional undergraduates live in residence halls and are enrolled full-time. A full range of student life activities and student services are available to students in this program, including the Core Program in the Liberal Arts, the John Belk International Program and the Honors Program. 
  • The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the adult learner. Most Hayworth undergraduates are employed full-time and enrolled part-time. The Hayworth School also admits those persons wishing to take undergraduate courses as a non-degree candidate. The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies realizes the demands that adult students face and assists with study plans, individual student advising and programs designed with flexibility to meet the specific needs of the adult learner. Classes meeting Hayworth degree requirements and several majors and minors are scheduled in the evenings for the convenience of students employed during the day.

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