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Minor in Human Services Studies


(Housed in the Psychology Department)

HSS101 Introduction to Human Service Studies

Plus 4 of the following courses (12-13 hours):

HSS 301 Writing for Human Service
HSS 318 Working with Individuals in Need                           
HSS 322 Generalist Case Management                                           
HSS 330 Leading Psychoeducational Groups            
HSS 338 Cross-Cultural Issues in Human Service Studies                                                  
HSS 342 Ethical Issues in Human Service Studies  
HSS 345 Play Therapy
HSS 350 Parenting in Contemporary Society                                  
HSS352 Topics in Human Service Studies**
HSS370 Program Evaluations and Outcome Measurements
HSS 380 Administration of Non-Profit Agencies
HSS/PSYC 390 Forgiveness: Theory, Research and Practice
HSS 400 Senior Seminar in Human Service Studies                                   
SOCI 250 Social Issues and Problems
        **May be repeated with approval of advisor

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