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BS in Allied Health


The major in Allied Health at Queens University of Charlotte prepares students for a variety of graduate study options and careers in related health areas. Allied Health professions are support professions (distinct from nursing) that work together to assist in the delivery of health services and make the health care system function.

This undergraduate program emphasizes a comprehensive foundation in the physical sciences to also assist students seeking careers in physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac and/or exercise rehabilitation, or other associated health occupations.

Allied Health graduates may seek leadership positions in communication, education, or research. Allied Health graduates may continue to graduate school in areas such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, or the exercise sciences.


Requirements (59 hours):

CHEM 111 Chemistry Principles I (3 hrs.)
CHEM 111L Chemistry Principles I Lab (1 hr.)
CHEM 112 Chemistry Principles II (3 hrs.)
CHEM 112L Chemistry Principles II Lab (1 hr.)
BIOL 208 Principles of Biology I (4 hrs.)
BIOL 209 Principles of Biology II (4 hrs.)
PHYS 101 General Physics (4 hrs.)
PHYS 102 General Physics II (4 hrs.)
MATH 106 Introductory Statistics (3 hrs.)
PSYC 201 General Psychology (3 hrs.)
BIOL 213 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4 hrs.)
BIOL 214 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 hrs.)
*HLTH 320 Introduction to Allied Health (3 hrs)
PSYC 320 Developmental Psychology (3 hrs.)
KINS 432 Exercise and Sport Physiology or KINS 346 Fitness Training Principles and Applications (3 hrs.)
HLTH 488 Independent Study in Allied Health (1-6 hrs.)
INTE 297, 498, & 499 Internship (6 hrs. total - Hayworth students enroll in 6 hours of INTE 496 instead of INTE 297, 498, and 499)

* This course meets the writing intensive course requirement.

Plus 3 hours in HLTH courses chosen from:

HLTH 300 Introduction to Epidemiology (3 hrs.)
HLTH 328 Structure and Function US Healthcare (3 hrs.)

Students are encouraged to complete a minor in one of the following: Human Service Studies, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Psychology I or II, Sociology, or Business Administration 

Additional electives should be carefully selected so the student has met the university's minimum requirement of 36 credit hours at the 300-400 level. 

Students wishing to pursue advanced studies must take in consideration the admission requirements of those degree granting universities. Students have the opportunity to tailor their course work to assist in satisfying admission requirements.

Suggested minors: Human Service Studies, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Psychology I or II, Sociology, or Business Administration

General Education Requirements

Traditional Undergraduate Program, and the Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program. Prospective students should apply to the program whose curriculum and services best meets their needs.

  • The Traditional Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the 18-22 year old student. Most traditional undergraduates live in residence halls and are enrolled full-time. A full range of student life activities and student services are available to students in this program, including the Core Program in the Liberal Arts, the John Belk International Program and the Honors Program. 
  • The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the adult learner. Most Hayworth undergraduates are employed full-time and enrolled part-time. The Hayworth School also admits those persons wishing to take undergraduate courses as a non-degree candidate. The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies realizes the demands that adult students face and assists with study plans, individual student advising and programs designed with flexibility to meet the specific needs of the adult learner. Classes meeting Hayworth degree requirements and several majors and minors are scheduled in the evenings for the convenience of students employed during the day.

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