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Exercise and Sport Sciences Laboratory


Levine Center, Room 118

Kinesiology Department

Andrew Blair College of Health


The Exercise and Sport Sciences Laboratory is a 700 square-foot facility located in The Levine Center, Room 118 at Queens University of Charlotte and offers students a unique opportunity for hands on experience in exercise and sport sciences. The ESS Laboratory provides access to modern testing equipment designed to increase students' understanding of the human body and how it functions in various exercise and sport capacities.  Equipment in the laboratory includes treadmills, bikes, metabolic measurement devices designed for measuring aerobic and anaerobic fitness/power, as well as equipment for measurement of strength and flexibility.  Training on how to use the equipment, and how to interpret measured data, is incorporated into lecture and laboratory experiences designed to enhance the students' educational and research experiences. With these experiences students develop a solid foundation in the principles of exercise and sport physiology, and human performance. This scientific foundation creates a solid base for students entering a variety of fields including adult fitness/wellness, teaching, coaching, as well as those students wishing to pursue an advanced degree.

Fitness Testing Program

The  Exercise and Sport Sciences Laboratory now offers fitness assessments for all Queens students, staff, and faculty for FREE and to community member for $25.00. The fitness assessment includes: VO2max (aerobic fitness), flexibility, resting metabolic rate, body fat, muscular strength and endurance. Fitness consulting to reach or maintain fitness goals is included. Participants may complete as many or few of the individual fitness assessments as desired. To make an appointment, or, for more information, email . 

Laboratory Director

Dr. Amy Knab is the Exercise and Sport Sciences Laboratory Director in the Kinesiology Department, Queens University of Charlotte. Dr. Knab's service and research interests are in the area of nutritional interventions for improvement of human performance.  Dr. Knab also studies the biological mechanisms regulating motivation for physical activity, and the effects of exercise on cognition. 

Telephone: (704) 688-2853; E-mail:

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