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Core Curriculum

The Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Nurse Educator, or Health Systems Management consists of 37 credit hours at the graduate level, including 19 credit hours in nursing core courses, and 18 credit hours in Specialty courses. The Master of Science in Nursing with the Clinical Nurse Leader® concentration consists of 38 credit hours, 19 credit hours in the nursing core courses and 19 credit hours in specialty courses.

MSN Core Courses (required before specialty courses for all tracks):

NURS 612 Theoretical Foundation (3 Hrs.)
NURS 624 Health Policy (3 Hrs.)
NURS 628 Informatics in Health Care (3 Hrs.)
NURS 630 Data Interpretations (3 Hrs.)
NURS 632 Research Methods (3 Hrs.)
NURS 655 Integrative Clinical Concepts (3 Hrs)
NURS 656 Integrative clinical Concepts Practicum (1 Hr) - 75 Clinical Hours

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