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Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nurse Leader®


Registered nurses who already have an MSN and meet admission requirements are eligible to take the six specialty courses for the Clinical Nurse Leader® concentration and receive a post masters certificate. Completing the certificate makes the student eligible to sit for the national CNL® certification exam.


NURS 651 Professionalism and Ethics in Clinical Leadership (3 Hrs.)
NURS 652 Management of Clinical Outcomes (4 Hrs.) - 75 clinical hours
NURS 653 Management of the Care Environment (4 Hrs.) - 75 clinical hours
NURS 654 Clinical Nurse Leader Residency (6 Hrs.) - 300 clinical hours
NURS 655 Integrative Clinical Concepts (3 Hrs.)
NURS 656 Integrative Clinical Concepts Practicum (1 Hr.) - 75 clinical hours
NURS 670 Nursing Capstone Project (2 Hrs.)
NURS 671 Nursing Capstone Continuation (1 - 2 Hrs. if needed)

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