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Transition to MSN Graduate Studies

Students enrolled in the RN-BSN track may take three courses (9 credit hours) at the graduate level in place of three courses normally taken at the undergraduate level for the BSN:

NURS 612 Theoretical Foundations - may be substituted for NURN 454 Nursing Perspectives
NURS 628 Informatics in Health Care - may be substituted for NURN 375 Health Informatics
NURS 632 Research Methods - may be substituted for NURN 474 Research and Evidence

These courses may be applied to the MSN program at Queens.  Students in the RN-MSN option who are interested in continuing to the MSN program after conferral of their BSN, must apply to the MSN program during their last semester in the RN-BSN track.  Applicants must meet all MSN Admission requirements.

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