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Transition to MSN Graduate Studies

Students enrolled in the RN-BSN track may take three courses (9 credit hours) at the graduate level in place of three courses normally taken at the undergraduate level for the BSN:

NURS 612 Theoretical Foundations may be substituted for NURN 454 Nursing Perspectives
NURS 628 Informatics in Health Care may be substituted for NURN 375 Health Informatics
NURS 632 Research Methods may be substituted for NURN 474 Research and Evidence

These courses may be applied to the MSN program at Queens.  Students in the RN-MSN option who are interested in continuing to the MSN program after conferral of their BSN, must apply to the MSN program during their last semester in the RN-BSN track.  Applicants must meet all MSN Admission requirements.

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