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BSN in Nursing


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 The BSN program provides a learning environment in which the individual can develop a personal and professional value system. The BSN curriculum is built upon a strong liberal arts foundation that includes study in the arts and sciences. At Queens, this foundation is achieved through general education courses, the Core Program for traditional undergraduate students, and foundation requirements for Hayworth student. High priority is given to academic excellence and clinical experience. Major emphasis is placed on clinical nursing practice in combination with classroom and laboratory instruction. All graduates are prepared to practice professional nursing in a generalist role. The curriculum also prepares students for graduate studies in nursing. Pre-licensure graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).  There are three tracks available to students: the traditional pre-licensure; accelerated pre-licensure and RN-BSN.

 For specific course information and program outcomes please review the undergraduate catalog.

In addition to the traditional-entry track, Queens offers two alternative ways to complete our BSN curriculum.  The RN-BSN track is designed for registered nurses with an associate degree or diploma in nursing to continue their education while working as a registered nurse and is offered online.  An Accelerated BSN track is offered to individuals with a previous Bachelor's degree from any field.  This is a fast-paced option for highly motivated students.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and Master of Science in Nursing program at Queens University of Charlotte are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791.


Students are admitted into Queens (through the Traditional Undergraduate Program and Hayworth College) as pre-nursing students and must apply to the nursing major for consideration.

Admission to Queens does not guarantee admission to the nursing major. Acceptance to the nursing major is competitive and selective. Emphasis in the admissions decision is placed on the academic history of the applicant. The intent is to offer admission to those whose academic history indicates a strong likelihood for success in the bachelor degree curriculum. Queens selects the best qualified candidates from those completing the application process and meeting the minimum admission requirements. Applicants are encouraged to complete the application process well in advance of the respective deadline. Applications that are incomplete or not received by the deadline are not reviewed.  For more information on application and admission requirements please visit the Nursing Admissions page.


Prerequisite courses to the major with credit hours:

BIOL 120 Microbiology for Health Professions (with lab) (4)
BIOL 213 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab) (4)
BIOL 214 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab) (4)
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I (with lab) or High School Chemistry
ENGL 110 Composition I (3)
ENGL 120 Composition II (3)
MATH 106 Introductory Statistics (3)
NURS 205 Nutrition (3)
PSYC 201 General Psychology (3)
PSYC 320 Developmental Psychology (3)
SOCI 203 Principles of Sociology (3) or ANTH 201 Cultural Anthropology (3) 

Admitted students must be certified in CPR by the American Heart Association for Heathcare Providers prior to enrollment. Upon admission students will be required to submit various items such as a physical exam, TB test, and current immunizations, and urine drug screen. Students are also required to submit criminal background checks, finger prints for FBI screening, and drug screens among other required documentation.  Fingerprint screening and criminal background checks could reveal any prior criminal history.  Clinical facilities review compliance materials and grant approval for students to complete requirements at their facility.  Positive results could result in the inability to be placed in a clinical facility and prohibit completion of the program.  Forms and instructions will be provided.

Nursing major courses for pre-licensure students:

Semester One
NURS 301 Health Assessment across the Lifespan (4)
NURS 305 Pathophysiology (3)
NURS 370 Concepts of Professional Nursing (3)
NURS 391 The Art & Science of Nursing I (6)

Semester Two
NURS 307 Concepts of Mental Health Nursing (3)
NURS 309 Pharmacological Interventions (3)
NURS 375 Health Informatics (3)
NURS 396 The Art & Science of Nursing II (6)

Semester Three
NURS 470 Gerontological Nursing (3)
NURS 474 Research and Evidence (3)
NURS 491 The Art & Science of Nursing III (6)

Semester Four
NURS 475 Leadership Development (3)
NURS 495 The Art & Science of Nursing IV (7)
NURS 496 The Art & Science of Nursing V (4)
NURS 497 The Art & Science of Nursing VI (1)

Total program nursing major requirements: 58 credit hours

Presbyterian School of Nursing at Queens University of Charlotte reserves the right to make changes in the curriculum, course offerings, fees, financial aid, requirements and regulations as may be necessary and without providing prior notices.

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree are required to fulfill all university graduation requirements as well as the requirements for the Nursing major.

General Education Requirements

Traditional Undergraduate Program, and the Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program. Prospective students should apply to the program whose curriculum and services best meets their needs.

  • The Traditional Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the 18-22 year old student. Most traditional undergraduates live in residence halls and are enrolled full-time. A full range of student life activities and student services are available to students in this program, including the Core Program in the Liberal Arts, the John Belk International Program and the Honors Program. 
  • The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the adult learner. Most Hayworth undergraduates are employed full-time and enrolled part-time. The Hayworth School also admits those persons wishing to take undergraduate courses as a non-degree candidate. The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies realizes the demands that adult students face and assists with study plans, individual student advising and programs designed with flexibility to meet the specific needs of the adult learner. Classes meeting Hayworth degree requirements and several majors and minors are scheduled in the evenings for the convenience of students employed during the day.

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