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The RN-BSN option at Queens offers a curriculum designed to facilitate career advancement while meeting the diverse learning needs of Registered Nurses who have completed an associate degree or diploma program in nursing. The length of the program will vary, depending upon prior academic preparation and individual course plans. Students in the RN-BSN option are admitted to Queens through Hayworth College and pay the Hayworth tuition rate.

 Emphasis in the admissions decision is placed on the academic history of the applicant. The intent is to offer admission to those whose credentials indicate a strong likelihood for success in the bachelor degree curriculum. Queens selects the best qualified candidates from those completing the application process and meeting the minimum admission requirements. Students are admitted to the RN- BSN Option on a rolling basis. The program curriculum is designed to be completed in 4 consecutive semesters.

Admission to the RN-BSN Option is a two-step process. The first step is to apply to Queens through the Hayworth College.  Applicants may complete remaining course prerequisites and degree requirements through Hayworth College. The second step is to apply to the RN-BSN Option. For more information please view the Nursing Admissions page

Degree Requirements

In addition to nursing courses, RN-BSN students must satisfy the general education requirements of
Hayworth College.  Prerequisites to the nursing major may also meet several of those degree requirements.  The number of courses each student is required to take is dependent on the student's previous academic achievement.  For lists of courses meeting these requirements see Hayworth College General Education requirements. Depending on the number of hours transferred, electives may be needed in order to achieve the required 120 credit hours for the degree.

Residency Requirement

Normally a student earning their first baccalaureate degree must complete at least 45 credit hours for the degree at Queens. However, the residency is reduced to 36 hours for students in the RN-BSN option.  

Prerequisite Courses

All prerequisite courses (which are listed below) should be completed prior to enrollment, with a grade of "C-" or higher. Students may have up to 4 credit hours of course prerequisites remaining to complete during the first semester in the program.

BIOL 120 Microbiology for Health Professions (with lab) (4)
BIOL 213 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab) (4)
BIOL 214 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab) (4)
MATH 106 Introductory Statistics (3)
PSYC 201 General Psychology (3)
PSYC 320 Developmental Psychology (3)
SOCI 203 Principles of Sociology (3) or ANTH 201 Cultural Anthropology (3)

Program Curriculum

The RN-BSN curriculum is currently under review.  Revisions will be posted on the this website following faculty approval.

NURS 302 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan (4)
NURS 310 Nursing: A Practice Discipline* (3)
NURS 360 Topics in Nursing (Topic varies)
NURS 375 Health Informatics (3)
NURS 402 Community Health Nursing** (6)
NURS 442 Complex Nursing Situations** (6)
NURS 454 Nursing Perspectives (3)
NURS 470 Gerontological Nursing (3)
NURS 474 Research & Evidence (3)
NURS 475 Leadership Development (3)

Total program nursing major requirements: 36 hrs
 *Upon completion of NURS 310 as validation, RNs will be awarded 36 credits toward the degree for previous academic work.
**Clinical courses are competency based.

Presbyterian School of Nursing at Queens University of Charlotte reserves the right to make changes in the curriculum, course offerings, fees, financial aid, requirements and regulations as may be necessary and without providing prior notices. 

 RN-MSN Option

Students admitted to the RN-BSN option are eligible for the RN- MSN option allowing for an easy transition into the MSN program at Queens. This allows students to take graduate coursework (applicable to their MSN) while working on their BSN degree.

Students pursuing the RN-MSN option may take three courses (9 credit hours) at the graduate level in place of three courses normally taken at the undergraduate level for the BSN:

NURS 612 Theoretical Foundations may be substituted for NURS 454 Nursing Perspectives
NURS 628 Informatics in Health Care may be substituted for NURS 375 Health Informatics
NURS 632 Research Methods may be substituted for NURS 474 Research and Evidence

Students in the RN-MSN option who are interested in continuing to the MSN program after conferral of their BSN, must apply to the MSN program during their last semester in the RN-MSN option.  Applicants must meet all MSN Admission requirements.

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