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The McCollough Lecture Series


Dr. Thomas McCollough, Professor of Religion, Emeritus, at Duke University, endowed the McCollough Lecture Series in 2010 to honor his late wife Mary Lee Rankin McCollough and to establish a lasting forum for the serious discussion of healthcare ethics. A national leader in healthcare ethics, broadly defined, will be invited to the Queens campus to share views and lead discussions on a particular issue in healthcare ethics.

During his long and distinguished teaching career, Dr. McCollough provided students at Duke with a breadth of perspectives on healthcare and ethics, both through his teaching and his service activities, particularly, conducting international study programs focusing on comparing healthcare issues, ethics, and approaches in the United States and Europe. Having long recognized the importance to society of developing greater understanding of the ethical issues embedded in and impacting healthcare, Dr. McCollough has provided a legacy to ensure that there is a forum in which these important topics will be discussed among thought leaders for decades to come.

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