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Transfer Student Follows Her Dream to Queens

Jaclyn Livingston always knew she wanted to be a nurse.  "My mom is a nurse.  It's a family thing," she says. 

What she didn't always know, is that her path toward nursing would lead her to Queens.  "I transferred three years ago from East Tennessee State University, which was close to my home.  I walked around with 20,000 people a day and I never knew any of them.  I was just another number," she says. 

Jaclyn had been in the Charlotte area before and chose to transfer to Queens for its intimate environment and close-proximity to a vibrant city.  "It was just far enough that I feel like I'm away from home, but if I need anything I could go back.  Plus, I heard about the nursing program here and how great the curriculum and the faculty are." 

Jaclyn is just a few months away from graduation.  Her Queens experience has given her tools and resources as well as a transformational experience that she never expected.   "It's made me into a new person.  I've had to grow up.  I am a much happier person.  I'm doing what I want to do versus what people have told me I should do.  I've learned things from different people and how to apply them to what I want to do," she says.

Jaclyn's plan is to go back to Johnston City, Tennessee and find a job at Johnson City Medical Center or Franklin Woods Medical Center.   She will undoubtedly tackle the job search with the strength, courage and resilience she found in herself at Queens.   "Leaving home and coming to Queens taught me a lot of independence, to have more faith in myself and to never give up."

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