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Dean's Welcome

Dr. Alexa Royden, DeanDr. Alexa Royden, Dean

Think of three people who have influenced your life significantly - changed your way of thinking,  inspired you through example, or mentored you through a challenging time in your life.

The chances are good that one or more of those people was a teacher or school leader. 

To work in educational contexts is to have the opportunity to effect change every day.   Teachers and school administrators touch young lives and influence the future. These professionals know how to look for a child's unique potential and foster that spark until it becomes a flame, how to inspire a love of learning, and how to help children and families navigate through challenges in an increasingly complex world.

The Wayland H. Cato School of Education at Queens University of Charlotte prepares students to be school leaders in a variety of educational contexts - as classroom teachers and as school administrators.  We don't simply offer a path to licensure.  We mentor undergraduate and graduate students through close relationships to faculty in the university classroom and in the field experience.  We seek to develop educational leaders who want to make a significant impact in the world.   

I invite you to explore our programs.  We offer both degree programs and add-on licensure and leadership development.    Whether you are a high school student considering an undergraduate degree in elementary or secondary education, an employed teacher looking for the next step in your career, or a professional interested in a fulfilling career change, we have a program for you.

As the Dean of the Wayland H. Cato School of Education, I invite you to contact my office (704-337-2579) or send me an  email. My staff and I are eager to talk with you about our offerings and to assist you in your efforts as a college student.

Dr. Alexa Royden
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Wayland H. Cato School of Education

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