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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The Cato School of Education's graduate programs at Queens support the University's mission of providing educational experiences that transform students' lives and foster personal and professional success. Queens University of Charlotte believes that each individual has a responsibility to society at large which is exercised through personal service as expressed in the Queens motto: "Not to be served, but to serve."

Non-Degree Programs

Ready for the next step in your career? Queens can get you on the right path.

Why Queens

Queens gives you an engaging environment to thrive.

Queens University of Charlotte has identified the crucial role of the teacher as that of an independent learner. It is critical that teachers keep abreast of current knowledge and skills in their field of study. Their task is to be a model of a learned/learning person for students and through role modeling and instruction to give students the tools that enable them to become independent learners themselves. Independent learners have a high level of curiosity; are intrinsically motivated; reflect on their needs; set personal goals; develop an action plan to attain the goal, practice problem solving, critical thinking and inquiry skills to identify and locate resources needed to achieve the goal; and evaluate the degree to which the goal is achieved. In this recursive model, the independent learner is continually assessing the need to learn. Because of the pace of technology, social and occupational changes in today's society, the static education implied by the traditional transmission of knowledge model of teaching and learning no longer suffices.

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