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MAT in Education - Secondary 9-12

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The Master of Arts in Secondary Education 9-12 program is designed to offer graduates from regionally credited institutions of higher learning obtain a Master Level North Carolina Teaching License and earn a Master of Arts and Teaching. Candidates for this degree already hold a degree in their teaching area. This program will focus on how to teach the content in which candidates received their undergraduate degree (with 24 credit hours in the content area). The program will impart students the pedagogical strategies to teach high school students.

Candidates earning their Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education at Queens University of Charlotte commit themselves to a productive career and a noble life in teaching. They recognize the vital role of educators in guiding, nurturing, and shaping the lives of their students.

Certification Areas:

  • Biology 9-12
  • Chemistry 9-12
  • Earth Science 9-12
  • English 9-12
  • History 9-12
  • Mathematics 9-12
  • Social Studies 9-12

For additional information regarding admissions into this program, please visit the MAT Admissions page.

"As a graduate, you learn the research behind your teaching methods. You see that what you are doing is having a positive impact on your students."
- Rachael Sprankle, M.Ed. ‘13
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