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Program Requirements

The Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Only Program is designed to offer North Carolina Class 'A' Licensure to post-baccalaureate, non-degree seeking candidates. Queens University of Charlotte has state of North Carolina approval to offer licensure in the following areas:

  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • Secondary Education (9-12) in the areas of English, Mathematics, Biology, History, General Social Studies or Chemistry
  • Spanish or French (K-12)

Professional Education Requirements for Elementary Licensure (K-6). Additional general education courses may be needed as required by the State of NC. Contact your education advisor to determine if additional coursework is required.


EDU 225 Understanding the Needs of Diverse Learners

EDU 245 Digital Literacies

EDU 257 Foundations of Secondary Education (fulfills writing-intensive requirement)

EDU 299* Exploratory Internship in Education

EDU 315 Data Driven Instruction and Assessment

EDU 467 Critical Issues in Secondary Education

EDU 477 Literacy Integrated in Content Areas

EDU 478 Foreign Language Methods

EDU 497 Professional Internship Secondary (fulfills internship requirement)

* The student must complete the Exploratory Internship at the opposite grade level from student teaching level. EDU299 may be taken twice.

Additional Requirements:

  • Submit Technology Portfolio
  • Pass NC Foundations of Reading and General Curriculum Tests

Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Licensure (9-12) or Foreign Language (K-12) . Additional content area courses may be needed for licensure. Interested students should see their advisor to determine if additional coursework will be required.


EDUC 222 Foundations of American Education for Secondary Students/Foreign Language K-12
EDUC 270 or EDUC 514 Educational Technology
EDUC 310 or EDUC 510 Educational Psychology
EDUC 319 Data Driven Instruction
EDUC 330 Management of Student Environment, Work and Behavior
EDUC 345 Content Area Reading
EDUC 436 Secondary Methods & Materials OR EDUC 444 Foreign Language Methods and Materials
EDUC 299 Exploratory Internship in Education (for Foreign Language only)
EDUC 498 Supervised Internship for Lateral Entry OR EDUC499 Professional Internship - Secondary 
or Foreign Language

Additional Requirements:

  • Technology Portfolio
  • Content Area Praxis II Tests


All students must apply to the Cato School of Education for admission to the Teacher Education program (TEP).  Students may only take five EDUC courses before being admitted to the TEP.  Applications to the TEP can be obtained in the School of Education Office in Jernigan 203. 

Requirements for TEP Admission:

  • Completed TEP Application
  • TEP Application Essay
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 and Major GPA of 2.75
  • Two Positive Faculty Assessments of Disposition
  • Passing Scores on ACT, SAT or Praxis I Core Academic Skills for Educators Test
  • Registration and Payment in Foliotek - five year subscription
  • Approval of the Teacher Education Committee

Post-Baccalaureate Testing

Post-Baccalaureate candidates must provide acceptable scores on the ACT, SAT or PRAXIS I: Core Academic Skills for Educators, Test: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Scores are set by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction on each component. Information and registration bulletins are available in the Cato School of Education.

North Carolina Licensure requires post-baccalaureate elementary (K-6) candidates to submit satisfactory scores on the NC Foundations of Reading and General Curriculum Tests. Secondary Education students must pass the PRAXIS II examinations in their specific area.

Important Note:

* It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep the coordinator aware of his/her status as a candidate. 

State Licensure

Queens University of Charlotte must meet all national and state mandates in order to retain program approval. Candidates must fulfill all national and state requirements in place at the time of application for licensure. In order to meet the requirements for licensure in the state of North Carolina, completion of the Post-baccalaureate Program and passing scores on the Specialty Area components of the Praxis are required as well as any additional requirements mandated by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).


Retention in the program is based on the expectation that candidates demonstrate the characteristics of, and conduct themselves as members of, the teaching profession. Candidates may be removed from the program upon showing professional incompetence. A deficiency in one or more of the following areas is evidence of professional incompetence:

  • knowledge of the subject taught,
  • ability to impart that knowledge,
  • the manner and efficacy of discipline in the classroom,
  • rapport with candidates, as well as parents, faculty, administration and staff,
  • physical and mental ability to perform the essential functions of a teacher.

Professional incompetence may be grounds for a failure to recommend students for licensure.

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