Spotlight Stories

The stories below highlight the best of what Queens offers for students and the entire campus community. 

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Student Body President, scholar and future teacher

Senior Angel Rouson says it's cliche, but true that hard work and dedication lead to success. Read More

Pooling resources earns national spotlight for Cato School of Education

Unique partnership earns national award for Cato School of Education and local public elementary. Read More

Life lesson no. 1: Realizing your potential is limitless

Teaching Fellows Scholar Adora Reid plans to pay forward the lasting influence of her mentors. Read More

Dynamism & Talent Earns Top Marks

Caitlin Bower Russell says learning to leverage creativity in her classroom during her studies at Queens helped her win the top honor for first-year teachers. Read More

Summer reading clinic helps students on both sides

Cato students who are future reading specialists spend July teaching elementary pupils one-on-one. Read More

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