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Queens Graduate Launches Her Career

Missy Olson '12 always knew she wanted to be a teacher.   "My own experience with education is that I changed schools often.  I lived in seven different states.  So I just knew I wanted to give back to the education world."

That left Missy with the decision of where to get her degree.  " I just really wanted to choose a program that would prepare me best for my career.  The Queens program entailed four years of training.  During summers we traveled across North Carolina to look at different districts.  We had tons of workshops.

"Plus, Queens offered the international experience.   I went to Australia and taught in Sydney for two months.  It looked great on my resume and it was a great experience."

The Queens education curriculum sends students quickly into the field to develop their classroom leadership skills.  Missy did her student teaching at Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Northwest School of the Arts.  She says, "I got tons of resources and experience being in front of the classroom, so I just feel like it prepared me the  best."

It also landed her a job.  Missy graduated from Queens in May of 2012 and is now teaching 11th grade at the same school where she student taught.  "I actually thought student teaching was harder than my first year, just because it was so rigorous."

Missy's Queens network is proving valuable post-graduation.  "I still talk to my Queens professors.  I still send them questions."  She says she uses her recent experience as a Queens student to relate to her 11th graders and adapt teaching methods.   "My Queens professors were great about individualizing everything.  I see how important that is now as a teacher.  I know that each student is different.  They have different needs and different styles of learning.  I focus on working with their strengths and building on their weaknesses."

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