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Summer reading clinic helps students on both sides

Queens is good at meeting the needs of its students and its neighbors at the same time. Case in point: its annual summer reading clinic.

The free clinic, held in cooperation with next-door Myers Park Traditional Elementary School, gives master of education degree candidates the chance to do one-on-one teaching.  In turn, their pupils, Myers Park-area students from every grade level, get help that's tailored to meet their individual needs.

It all happens in July at the elementary school. For three weeks, several dozen future reading specialists work two hours a day with their summer pupils. It's the Queens students' clinical experience for a required diagnostics and assessment course.

But it's more than a requirement - the degree candidates actually see the results of their work in the progress their pupils make over the course of the clinic.

Using the knowledge and skills they've learned, the Queens degree candidates assess and diagnose children participating in the clinic, and develop a program to meet each child's needs. They follow up their work by meeting with the children's parents or caregivers to give a report on progress.

The collaboration has been so successful that it's now in its sixth year.

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