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College of Arts & Sciences

The mission of the College of Arts & Sciences is to draw on intellectual traditions to cultivate a life of integrity, foster inquiry, spark imagination, nourish the spirit, and prepare students to serve and to lead, embracing the challenges of a complex world.

Our vision is for the College of Arts & Sciences to be recognized as a catalyst for passionate curiosity, curricular innovation, collaborative scholarship, and creativity. We will serve the university and the community as an intellectual and cultural hub that connects the arts, sciences, and humanities.

Each and every one of us has potential, a unique potential that is all our own. Your job is to discover the potential within you, feed and nurture it, and bring it forth in all its glory. Your job is to thrive.  Our job is to help you in your quest to fulfill your potential

How? By offering a unique educational experience that is personal and supportive with a challenging curriculum that goes way beyond the confines of the classroom walls, offered in an ideal location.  Our learning environment features small class sizes, an award-winning faculty, low student-faculty ratio and a caring, close-knit community for support.

Our innovative interaction approach features a team-taught liberal arts curriculum that is a model for schools nationwide. It is coupled with an international program that sends almost 90% of our students overseas and an internship program that offers students more than 325 sites across Charlotte and abroad.

Our location offers you the best of both worlds: a compact and intimate campus in a tree-lined residential neighborhood only minutes away from the action and excitement of uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the fastest-growing business and cultural centers in the nation. 

Put all these pieces together and you have the kind of university experience that will lead you to discover your unique potential.


From our beginning, Queens has offered a liberal arts curriculum - a curriculum that has grown throughout the years to include 28 majors and a healthy variety of concentrations. 

In 1979, we named this traditional liberal arts undergraduate program, the College of Arts and Science, making it fully co-educational in 1987. 

We adopted the innovative Core Program in 1989, and in the same year, established the John Belk International Program.  Today, we continue to add to and enhance the undergraduate program in order to make the experience more unique for you.

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Professor Morri Creech is named a Pulitzer Prize Finalist

Morri Creech - Pulitzer Prize Finalist Read More

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History Professor, Suzanne Cooper Guasco, Wins Book of the Year Award Read More

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Queens participates in the Washington Model for the Organization of American States

Queens participates in the Washington Model for the Organization of American States Read More

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Queens students organize a community forum to discuss immigration

Queens students organize a community forum to discuss immigration Read More

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Professor Mullis' essay on the intersection of the body, dance, and the philosophy of technology was published in Dance Research Journal. Read More

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Senior Student Art Exhibition

Art Department students showcase their talents in the Festival of The Arts at Queens View Event

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