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For second degree students this program offers a lot of flexibility. As an MA student you can begin as a Phase 1/2 student or just a Phase 2 student based on your educational background and experience. Please refer to our website for more information on the requirements for consideration of admittance.

The following shows the required classes and the order in which they would be taken for MA students enrolled as phase 1/2 students. This sequence allows for completion of the degree in 3 years time.

Phase 1

ART 216 High Renaissance Art-present
ART 102 Foundations I
ART 103 Foundations II
ARDE 208 Fundamentals of Interior Design
ARDE 202 Color, light & sound
ARDE 211/511 Computer Aided Design
ARDE 210 Drawing for Interior Design
ARDE 360 Residential Design Studio
ARDE 305/505 Methods and Materials
ARDE 313/513 Human Environments
ARDE 325 History of the built environment I
ARDE 330 Advanced Graphics for Interiors
ARDE 410 Design Studio I
ARDE 401/501 Product Design (Studio class)
ARDE 403/503 Construction Documents and Systems
ART 240 History of Decorative arts

Phase 2

ARDE 502 Spatial Analysis and Theory
ARDE 523 Commercial Design Studio 1
ARDE 508 Codes and regulations
ARDE 510 Global issues and the built environ
ARDE 512 Revit - Building Systems
ARDE 515 History of the built environment II
ARDE 518 Project Mang. / Historic Preservation
ARDE 520 Global Design Studio
ARDE 525 Commercial Design Studio 2
ARDE 522 Exploring design issues
ARDE 527 Portfolio I (1)
ARDE 530 ID Commercial Internship or
ARDE 532 Master's Thesis in Interior Design
ARDE 535 International Academic Study Tour

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