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Why Queens

The Queens Interior Design program is looking for students who want to challenge themselves while designing spaces that shape lives.  This program allows students the creative outlet they need to do great things with their artistic passions.

To accommodate the needs of second degree students Queens offers a two phase Interior Design program.  The BA portion or Phase 1 of the degree, gives students the skills they need to start a career in interior design.  The focus is mainly on the elements and principles of design and the learning the skills needed to design residential and introductory commercial spaces.

For those students who want to be immersed further into the world of design, we offer Phase 2, the Queens Master in Arts in Interior Design.  This program acts as a continuation of our BA program and focuses on teaching students the technical aspects of designing for commercial environments such as healthcare, restaurants, hospitality and educational facilities. The programs emphasis on understanding health, safety and welfare are practiced and expanded upon with emphasis on the global community. 

Being that Queens offers the only MA in Interior design in Charlotte the program has several unique features such as: the international study tour cost being included with your tuition, access to exclusive field trips and guest lecturers.   Our experienced and passionate instructors practice a very hands-on approach to teaching design thereby allowing for one on one interaction and project based curriculums.  Queens prepares our students to enter the profession and fulfill the education qualification for interior design licensure through the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) examination.
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