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Joanna Katsanos

  • Instructor , Biology Department
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Joanna Katsanos joined Queens as a faculty member in 2004.

After graduating from Queens in 1997, she performed her graduate studies at Wake Forest University in molecular biology. She currently teaches Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Core 222: Global Citizenship. In the past she has also taught Introduction to Medical Microbiology and Issues in Science. She has led a John Belk International trip to Greece and also assists with the language and culture in the JBIP Greek prep courses.

Katsanos was acknowledged for her teaching when she was named the William S. Lee Distinguished Professor of 2010. Her research interests include microbiological studies and genetic engineering.

She has published the following abstracts and articles:

  • Mantis, J., H.E. Chrispeels and B.W. Tague. 1999. Identification of regulatory elements in the Arabidopsis thaliana zinc finger protein 1 gene promoter region. Abstracts of the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plant Physiologists. July, 1999.
  • Mantis, J. and B.W. Tague. 2000. Comparing the Utility of the b-glucuronidase and Green Fluorescent Protein for Detection of Weak Promoter Activity in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 18:1-12.
  • Tague, B.W. and J. Mantis. 2006. In planta Agrobacterium-mediated transformation by vacuum infiltration. Arabidopsis Protocols, 2nd ed. (J Salinas and JJ Sanchez-Serrano, eds). Humana Press, Totowa NJ.
In her spare time Katsanos loves to spend time with her sons and enjoys traveling to Greece to visit family and friends.


  • M.S. Biology; Wake Forest University
  • B.S. Biology; Queens University of Charlotte


  • William S. Lee Distinguished Professor Award 2010
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