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Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Program


(Housed in the Biology Department)

BIOL 209 Principles of Biology II
BIOL 402 Genetics
CHEM 111, 111L Chemical Principles I & Lab
CHEM 112, 112L Chemical Principles II & Lab
CHEM 303, 303L Organic Chemistry I & Lab
CHEM 304, 304L Organic Chemistry II & Lab
PHYS 101 General Physics I
PHYS 102 General Physics II
MATH 111 Precalculus

In addition to the above, the following courses are recommended but not required:

BIOL 307 Introduction to Microbiology
BIOL 400 Cell Biology
BIOL 401 Comparative Physiology
CHEM 403, 403L Biochemistry I and Lab
CHEM 404, 404L Biochemistry II and Lab
MATH 121 Calculus

Total: 35 Hrs.

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