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Degrees & Programs

The Chemistry & Environmental Science Department offers majors in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, environmental science and environmental studies.

We now offer a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry; this program is for students interested in teaching high school chemistry or going into a chemistry-related field like pharmaceuticals or textiles.

A Bachelor of Science in chemistry or biochemistry prepares students for a wide variety of careers. These careers include research, medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, forensic science, laboratory technology, medical technology, dental technology, physical therapy and veterinary medicine.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science prepares students for laboratory or field-based careers in both the public and private sector. The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies provides students the flexibility to apply basic skills and knowledge in environmental science to other areas of interest including business, communications, education and political science. Both majors prepare students for graduate school in the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and law.



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