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Minor in East Asian Studies


(an interdisciplinary minor housed in the history department)

HIST 113 East Asian Civilizations, 1400-Present
POLS 307 Asian Politics

Language proficiency in an Asian language (completed through introductory courses) or residential international travel to an Asian-speaking country approved by the chair in consultation with the faculty whose courses serve the minor.

Plus at least four courses (at least three of which are from different disciplines) from:
HIST 291 Seminar in World History*
HIST 370 Youth Revolution in China
HIST 391 Topics in World History*
POLS 300 Topics in Political Science*
POLS 343 China & India on the World Stage
RELG/PHIL 346 Chinese Philosophy & Religion
RELG 351 Topics in World Religions*
TOTAL 18hrs (not including language)
* must be approved by the chair.

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