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Why Major in History?

History majors not only master substantive knowledge (the names, dates and events of the past), they also come to see the past as a set of experiences to be interpreted and explained.  As a result, our students become dynamic and creative thinkers who are curious about the causes and consequences of events and problems, can apply what they have learned to new situations, possess a deeper understanding of their contemporary world and can imagine and explore a variety of possible futures.

After You Graduate

No matter what path you choose, historical study helps develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving and oral and written communication.  Our graduates have pursued graduate work in history, law, public policy, political science and theology at highly selective institutions, including Duke, Oxford, George Washington, Emory and Yale.  Graduates have also found employment as communication and human resource specialists; in banking and finance as accountants, sales representatives, marketing analysts and researchers; in education as teachers both domestically and abroad; in publishing as editors and acquisitions specialists; and as researchers and librarians in museums, libraries and archives.

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