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The Cities


One of Brazil's most spectacular cities, this cidade maravilhosa is so much more than Carnaval, paradisiacal beaches and dramatic rock formations.

Declared a World Heritage site by Unesco in 2012, and slated to host  the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games Rio has much to offer: from colonial architecture to the favelas, exciting nightlife to wonderful museums, from rich gastronomic experiences to a perfect caipirinha (Brazil's national cocktail) right on the beach. In contrast with its big city stature, Brazilians in general, and cariocas (Rio locals) in particular, are known for their friendliness. This wonderful city has always been a creative center, attracting many Brazilian writers like Clarice Lispector and Carlos Drummond de Andrade, as well musicians and visual artists.


Pablo Neruda described Chile as a "large petal of sea, wine and snow."

Surrounded by the snow-capped Andes, Santiago is a thriving, modern city, offering the perfect balance of old and new, of forward thinking and great understanding of its own history. Whether it's a simple stroll through the the beautiful neighborhoods of La Moneda and the Plaza de Armas, or an afternoon visit to one of Neruda's homes, or a couple of hours in the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, you'll find that Chile's vibrant capital is a rare example of a city that embraces its recent contemporary history and what it means to overcome oppression and the stigmatization that any country must endure when it suffers through mass violation of human rights.  

Buenos Aires:

Buenos Aires has always been home to an impressive group of vanguard writers, artists, filmmakers and musicians.

Whether inspired by its impressive monumentalism and old glamour earning the city its nickname of "Paris of Latin America," or charmed by its labyrinthine  neighborhoods like Palermo where Borges grew up, or even fueled by the extremely vocal opposition to government policies, with weekly manifestations like the Mother's March at the Plaza del Mayo, one can't help but fall in love with this lively city and the passion of its people. Tango isn't just an evocative dance, or an image. Argentines live and breathe its melodies much like the passion, anger, melancholy and sense of battle it evokes. A vibrant, complex and yet welcoming port city, Buenos Aires is a diverse, multicultural center, with a proud and fascinating history and an influential economy.

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