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Application Requirements

Application Deadlines

Students may enter in either the Spring term, which begins in January, or in the Summer term which begins in May. Applicants may also be admitted in the Fall with permission of the Program Director.

Application Deadline for Summer/Fall: March 1
Application Deadline for Fall Entry: July 1
Application Deadline for Spring: October 1


In order to be considered for admission to the MFA program in creative writing, an applicant must meet or complete the following requirements:

  1. Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university or have equivalent experience practicing creative writing as that experience is reflected in the quality of the prospective student's application portfolio.

  2. Submit a completed graduate application form.

  3. Submit official transcripts from any college or university that awarded the applicant a degree.

    • If the applicant does not hold a bachelor's degree, a high school transcript must be submitted.
    • Transcripts must be received directly from the granting institution either electronically via an authorized online service, or by mail in a sealed envelope.
    • Upon review of an application, the admissions committee may waive a transcript requirement, or require an additional transcript for relevant coursework even if no degree was awarded.

  4. Submit a portfolio of creative writing in each genre for which the applicant is applying.

    • Fiction and Nonfiction portfolios should be about 25 double-spaced pages.
    • Writing for Stage and Screen portfolios should be 25 formatted pages.
    • Poetry portfolios should be 10 single-spaced pages. Please place only one poem per page for poems less than a page long.
    • Submit one document per genre, regardless of the number of individual pieces included in the sample for that genre.
    • Pages should be numbered, and the applicant's name and the title and genre of the piece should appear in the header or footer of each page.
    • Applicants submitting portfolios in multiple genres should submit a separate document for each genre.

  5. Submit a one-page, single-spaced essay on the prospective student's reasons for applying to the MFA program and expectations for the program.

  6. Provide one letter of academic or professional reference that speaks to the applicant's ability as a writer or potential as student.

    • We prefer that applicants send requests to their recommender from within the application. Recommenders will be sent instructions for sending us their recommendations.
    • For recommenders without internet access, letters of recommendation can be addressed to the MFA Program and mailed to the address located in the footer of this page.

  7. Submit a $50 application fee for each genre in which you are applying.

    • Instructions for paying the application fee will be emailed after your application is submitted.

International Student Admission

Queens University of Charlotte welcomes international students.   International students are responsible for securing the necessary visas, and may be asked for other documentation in support of their applications.  All international students applying to the MFA program must demonstrate proficiency in English in the work submitted in their application portfolios.

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