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BA in Theatre


The study of English focuses on the various ways that human beings have sought to understand their lives and the world through the writing of stories, poems, essays, plays and novels. The majors offered by the Department of English, Drama, and Creative Writing provide both a historical knowledge of the development of literature and an understanding of the different forms and styles of literature, as well as development of skill in the craft of writing and practice and development of skills in taking plays from page to stage. These majors develop the skills in close reading, careful analysis and forceful, articulate writing that are necessary for a broad range of careers. They also prepare students for specific graduate programs such as law school and graduate study in literature, composition theory, drama, theater, creative writing and American Studies.

Evening Majors

Requirements for the English-Literature Major and the English-Creative Writing major are offered in both the day and evening.

Double Majors

Students wishing to double-major in English-Literature and English-Creative Writing must take three additional 300 or 400 level courses, at least two of which must be in literature, to satisfy requirements for the two majors.

Teacher Licensure

A student who majors in English may obtain a teaching license at the secondary level within the baccalaureate program. See the Cato School of Education for more information.

Writing-Intensive Course Requirement

For Drama, the writing intensive course is DRAM 200 Introduction to Dramatic Studies. Students are encouraged to take the writing-intensive course as soon as possible after declaring their major.

Course Prerequisites

ENGL 110 and 120 (or the equivalent) are prerequisite to all other courses in the Department of English, Drama, and Creative Writing. Two courses at the 200 level are prerequisite to all Drama courses numbered 300 or above unless special permission is obtained from the department. Special consideration will be given, in certain cases, to non-English majors who desire to take courses numbered 300 or above. Students should take DRAM 200, Introduction to Dramatic Studies, as soon as possible after declaring their major.


Core Requirements:

DRAM 200 Introduction to Dramatic Studies
DRAM 215 Stagecraft Practicum (1-3 hours)
DRAM 250 Beginning Acting
DRAM 253 Directing for the Theater
DRAM/ENGL 303 World Drama: Ancient to Renaissance
ENGL 313 Shakespeare
DRAM 451 Senior Project (3-6 hours)

Plus at least 2 of the following dramatic literature & criticism courses:

DRAM 231 Film History & Criticism or DRAM 233 Television History & Criticism
DRAM/ENGL 304 World Drama: Renaissance to Modern
DRAM/ENGL 336 Tragedy or DRAM/ENGL 337 Comedy
DRAM 355 Topics in Dramatic Literature

Plus at least 2 of the following performance courses:

DRAM 350 Advanced Acting
DRAM 351 Acting for the Camera
DRAM 353 Advanced Directing for the Theater
DRAM 360 Stage Combat

Plus at least 2 of the following design courses:

DRAM 321 Lighting and Sound Design
DRAM 330 Costuming and Makeup Design
DRAM 340 Scenic Design
DRAM 356 Topics in Experiential Theater

Plus at least 1 hour of the following applied stagecraft courses:

DRAM 221 Lighting and Sound Practicum (1-3 hours)
DRAM 230 Costuming and Makeup Practicum (1-3 hours)
DRAM 240 Scenic Arts Practicum (1-3 hours)
DRAM 245 Stage Management Practicum (1-3 hours)
DRAM 322 Advanced Lighting and Sound (1-3 hours)
DRAM 332 Advanced Costuming and Makeup (1-3 hours)
DRAM 342 Advanced Scenic Arts (1-3 hours)
DRAM 345 Advanced Stage Management (1-3 hours)

General Education Requirements

Traditional Undergraduate Program, and the Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program. Prospective students should apply to the program whose curriculum and services best meets their needs.

  • The Traditional Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the 18-22 year old student. Most traditional undergraduates live in residence halls and are enrolled full-time. A full range of student life activities and student services are available to students in this program, including the Core Program in the Liberal Arts, the John Belk International Program and the Honors Program. 
  • The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies Undergraduate Program has degree requirements and services designed for the adult learner. Most Hayworth undergraduates are employed full-time and enrolled part-time. The Hayworth School also admits those persons wishing to take undergraduate courses as a non-degree candidate. The Hayworth School of Graduate & Continuing Studies realizes the demands that adult students face and assists with study plans, individual student advising and programs designed with flexibility to meet the specific needs of the adult learner. Classes meeting Hayworth degree requirements and several majors and minors are scheduled in the evenings for the convenience of students employed during the day.

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