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MA in Music Therapy


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The Master of Arts (MA) in Music Therapy is designed for students with the MT-BC credential (Music Therapist-Board Certified) from the national Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). 

Students with an undergraduate degree in music, but not in music therapy, who qualify for the Certificate Program in Music Therapy (requiring less than 30 hours to be eligible for the Certification Exam) may be accepted into the program with prerequisites to earn board certification before taking any of the graduate level music therapy courses other than MUTH 620 Philosophy of Music Therapy.  Graduate courses in the chosen concentration of business, education, or healthcare, may be taken concurrently with the prerequisites in music therapy.

Students desiring a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from Queens who have an undergraduate degree in music requiring more than 30 credits to be eligible for the certification exam, as well as students with an undergraduate degree in an area other than music, should register as second degree students to earn a Bachelor of Music with a major in Music Therapy, and must pass the certification exam prior to applying to the graduate program. These students may take graduate level courses in their chosen area of specialization as electives while in the second degree program. Those graduate credits will count toward the MA in Music Therapy at Queens if the student returns and completes the MA program within 7 years.

An audition is required for admission unless the application immediately follows completion of a certificate or BM in Music Therapy at Queens. The audition consists of an interview and a demonstration of musical competencies.


In order to be considered for admission as a degree candidate to the Master of Arts in Music Therapy program, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit a completed graduate application form, including the nonrefundable $45 application fee.
  • Submit official transcripts of all post-secondary academic coursework
  • Provide one letter of academic recommendation and, if an MT-BC, one letter of professional recommendation.
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree in music or music therapy from an accredited institution
  • Provide evidence of MT-BC status from the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) or require fewer  than 30 credits to be eligible for the CBMT Board Certification Exam and be willing to take the courses necessary for certification.
  • Complete an audition and interview for acceptance into the program.

Audition Requirements

Audition Application


Once accepted into the program, students will choose a desired concentration in business, education, or healthcare.  A minimum of 18 credit hours, or one-half of the credit hours required for the degree, will be in music therapy; a minimum of 12 credit hours will be in the chosen area of specialization, and the remaining electives may be in either music therapy or the area of specialization.

Students will conduct original research, either qualitative or quantitative in nature.  The resulting paper must be suitable for submission to a major peer-reviewed journal.  The students will work with the thesis advisor on revisions.  Additionally, students are required to present their research findings at a regional or national conference in music therapy or for an appropriate related discipline. 

In the final semester of study students will participate in oral and written comprehensive examinations encompassing both the core curriculum and representative material from the area of specialization.  Failure to pass these exams with a "B" or better will preclude confirmation of the degree.  A student may retake either portion of the comprehensive exams one time, as long as the earned grade was a C or better.

Prerequisite: Elementary statistics at the undergraduate level or take it as part of the MA program in MT.

Core Music Therapy Courses. Select a minimum of 17 hours.

MTH 510 Improvisational Techniques (2 hrs)

MTH 520 Research Seminar (1 hr)

MTH 600 Adv Music Therapy Practicum (2 hrs)

MTH 620 Philosophy of Music Therapy (3 hrs)

MTH 630 Clinical Supervision & Mgmt (3 hrs)

MTH 640 Qualitative Research Methods (3 hrs)

MTH 650 Comprehensive Examination (0 hrs)

MTH 655 Specialization Thesis (3 hrs)


MTH 540 Adv Topics (2-3 hrs)

MTH 610 Music Therapy Client Assessmt (2 hrs)

MTH 625 College Teaching/Measurement (3 hrs)

MTH 520, MTH 600, MTH 510 and MTH 540 may all be repeated once for credit.

Area of Specialization. Select a minimum of 12 hours.

Business concentration required courses:

PMB 542 MBA Foundations I (3 hrs)

PMB 543 MBA Foundations II (3 hrs)

PMB 605 Law and Ethics (3 hrs)

PMB 630 Marketing Management (3 hrs)


PMB 610 Organizational Behavior

PMB 600 Leadership Development

PMB 615 Economics for Managers (3 hrs)

PMB 650 Operations Management

ODV 632 Conflict and Negotiation (3 hrs)

Education concentration required courses:

EDU 504 Classroom Management & Conflict Resolution (3 hrs)

EDU 510 Educational Psychology

EDU 514 Educational Technology (3 hrs)

EDU 525 Diversity in Schools (3 hrs)


EDU 518 Foundations of Education

EDU 551 Teacher as Researcher (3 hrs)

EDU 552 Seminar & Reflective Practice (3 hrs)

EDU 680 Action Research (3 hrs)

ODV 632 Conflict and Negotiation (3 hrs)

Healthcare concentration required courses:

NUR 624 Health Policy (3 hrs)

NUR 628 Informatics in Health Care (3 hrs)

NUR 630 Data Interpretations (3 hrs)

NUR 651 Professionalism and Ethics in Clinical Leadership (3 hrs)


ODV 632 Conflict and Negotiation (3 hrs)

NUR 546 Financial Management in Healthcare Org (3 hrs)

NUR 616 Healthcare Administration (3 hrs)

NUR 633 Teaching & Learning in Nursing Education (3 hrs)

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