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Scholarships & Audition Requirements

The Music Department offers several music scholarships. Some of these are competitive awards for music majors based on talent and need. Auditions are held throughout the year.

Students wishing to major in music must first apply and be admitted to Queens. Admission to the school does not guarantee admission to the Department of Music. You are strongly encouraged to audition in person during one of the three designated audition dates. Audition dates this school year are February 7, 21 and 28, 2014. You must fill out the Music Audition and Scholarship Application prior to your audition. An audition DVD (must be a DVD) will be accepted if distance prevents you from auditioning in person. Students cannot be considered for scholarship after February 14, 2014.

Music Scholarships

The Music Department awards music scholarships to deserving prospective music majors, including majors in Music and Music Therapy.  Music scholarships are based on preparation, musical talent, academic achievement, and potential. Music Scholarships range up to $10,000 annually.

Endowed Music Scholarships include the following:

  • Ivan F. Chambers Scholarship
  • Joseph Lammers Scholarship
  • Gutmann Scholarship
  • Ann Vandiver O'Quinn Scholarship
  • Grace Hamrick Scholarship
  • George Stegner Scholarship
  • Mary Kennedy Scholarship

Priority for awarding Music Scholarships will be given to students who audition and interview on campus.

Audition Requirements

All students wishing to major in music must audition. An accompanist will be provided if needed; taped accompaniment is not permitted. You may choose music that will best show your musical ability in regard to tone, technique, pitch, and expressiveness, using the suggestions below. Music should be selected from a variety of stylistic periods. Instrumentalist and pianist will be asked to sight read and pianist will be asked to demonstrate proficiency in scales and arpeggios.  Everyone will be asked to sight sing.

Three contrasting selections, all to be performed from memory, including one selection in Italian, Spanish or Latin: one art song or aria in English or the original language: and one song in musical theater.

Two or three contrasting works, to be performed from memory, from the following style periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, or 20th Century. Suggested repertoire: Bach preludes & fugues or three-part inventions; first movement of a Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven sonata; or works by major composers of the Romantic & later style periods.

Two contrasting works from two of the following style periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Contemporary. Suggested repertoire: Bach preludes and fugues; a movement from a 19th century French or German work; or compositions by 20th century composers.

Two contrasting works, to be performed from memory, from two of the following style periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century. A movement of a longer work may be considered as one composition.

At least two works in contrasting styles from the standard repertoire. Orchestra excerpts are also acceptable.

Two works in contrasting styles to be chosen from solo literature and/or etudes. Should demonstrate a degree of technical fluency and musical awareness appropriate to the level of audition literature.

Two works (one lyrical and one technical) of contrasting style periods from the standard repertoire, including movements of sonatas or concerti, or other solo pieces and longer etudes.

Students should provide their own instruments. Performance on two of the following areas is required: Snare drum - rudiments and a prepared solo or etude; Timpani - two solos in contrasting styles; Marimba - major scales and arpeggios, two solos in contrasting styles.

Students unable to audition in person must submit an audition DVD. Again, taped accompaniment is not permitted. The DVD must include your name, instrument, and your audition repertoire. All audition repertoires must comply with the requirements listed. The deadline for submitting audition DVD is February 14, 2014. You must complete the application form and return it along with your audition DVD.




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